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Françoise Doliveux

Tel: (450) 458-2480


Schedule 2016

Concert Performances:
- March 9th & March 10th - 8 pm: ROSE THEATRE - Brampton (Ontario)
For info check: www.brampton.ca

Library Reading:
- Wednesday, March 15th - 6.45 pm: Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Public Library - 12001 de Salaberry Boul. DDO Quebec H9B 2A7
For info call: (514)684-1496 - Special Events: March
or check www.ville.ddo.qc.ca

Play Productions:
- THE OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL will take place June 8th to 18th. I will perform my one-man play "A Better Play Than Hamlet" which I premiered at the PEI Fringe in 2016
For further details check www.ottawafringe.com

- "THE FIXER-UPPER" is a comedy in 7 phone calls about summer in the Maritimes, cottage renovations and family manipulation.
. July 13 & 14th at the VILLAGE PLAYHOUSE in Bancroft (Ontario)
. August 8th to 19th at GLOBUS THEATRE in Bobcaygeon Ontario)



For information about my books:

- "Beach Reading" and "The Fixer-Upper": Contact ACORN PRESS: acornpresscanada.com

- "The Goat In The Tree": Contact GUERNICA EDITIONS www.guernicaeditions.com ........................................................................................................................

For Information about my plays and for copyscripts: "Culture Shock", "The Fixer-Upper"
Contact Playwrights Guild of Canada:

If you are interested in finding about my other plays, please contact me directly by e.mail.

What We've Been Up To:

We're back on the farm again after a summer down east, where we were visiting, doing a few shows, and pushing my novels of which there are now two . "Beach Reading" which was nominated as a finalist for the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction by the Quebec Writers Federation, and which was published by Acorn Press who also published my novella "The Fixer Upper".
"The Goat in the Tree," is my latest and is published by www.guernicaeditions.com
It's an interesting process, writing and having a novel published, and part of the process, getting the word out, continues. What you try to do is write something with that "quality of infection" which Tolstoy talks about, or in showbiz terms, which "has legs": is in fact so appealing that people will not only read it with enjoyment but pass it around to friends to read as well. This, as I say, is the ideal.
Whether or not I have succeeded is of course not for me to say, but even if it were, I would not be able to: One of the things I discovered writing this novel is that by the time I finished I had lost all objectivity as to its quality. That's why having Terry Fallis and Pat Ledwell and Bill Richardson say such nice things about it was so encouraging. There are times when I like to think of myself as a lone and heroic artist unswayed by either positive or negative criticism, but the truth is, like everybody else, I like jam.
So, clearly the only way you can find out for yourself if this novel is any good is to buy it (or ask for it at the library, or borrow it from a friend) and read it.
Then tell me what you think. Doing a live show you know immediately whether you're hitting or missing, but that's the other thing I'd like to point out about the Literary Life: You have to wait before you get any feedback.

This week, we've been making wine from the wild grapes that grow around, and now have more than enough for the year, bubbling away in the corner of the living room. It was a lousy year for apples, so we made no cider to speak of, but everything else in the garden has been fine. At least the groundhogs seemed to enjoy it.
Under the title of "Other Types of Harvest", The best news on the playwrighting front has been the extrememly successful run that The Port Stanley Theatre enjoyed during the summer, so congratulations everybody down there.
Meanwhile, CULTURE SHOCK, The Comedy That Will Not Die (no matter how many times we try to murder it) thunders along handily had a successful and by all reports fun production, in January and February by Central Alberta Theatre, so congrats all around.
This story DOES seem to have legs. People hear about it and turn up to see what the fuss is about, probably because it was written for the right reasons, and was allowed to grow on it's own (like fungus).
I've put a link here where you can order a publish-on-demand script of the play if you so desire it. We also have a musical version.

The one-man show I'm performing now is called "THE UPSIDE OF THE DOWNTURN"
The "Downturn" is that there has been this glitch in all our lives. Partly because of the economic crisis, of course, and a sense that it's maybe not finished, or might happen any time again. So we're all a little bit more cautious. Also there's been this strange shift in the media, where we get our information from, and we don't know whether that's necessarily for the better or for the worse yet.
On top of all that there is a general feeling that our politicians are increasingly more useless. So what to do?
Well, there IS hope. We're back down to our own resources and the people around us. At the grassroots (where all real growth occurs) things are starting to move. Cells are dividing, seeds sprouting, gardens blooming. The yeast is working, turning the juice into wine. And this is the upside.

The way the one-man show works is by not staying in one place too long. It's harder to hit a moving target. I'm always writing new material, and right now it's in an interesting state. Hopefully, that should always be the case. New stuff emerges, pushes old stuff out, old stuff resurfaces and gets put back in with new twists added to it, themes and threads and monologues interweave in new ways, which in turn engender other ideas. The only criteria which are hopefully achieved is that when an audience leaves, they're saying, "Well, THAT was worth it."
It'll never be finished. Somehow, I find this comforting.



Co-production of my play "THE FIXER-UPPER" at Grove Hall in Huntingdon for 3 performances: Nov. 24th- 26th

- ISLAND FRINGE FESTIVAL took place August 4th to 7th and I performed my latest one-man play "A Better Play Than Hamlet". It was a World Première and I am glad to report it was successfully received.
Venue: Lecture Hall at Hollande College Culinary Institute - 4 Sidney Street in Charlottetown (PEI)
For info: www.islandfringe.com

There was a production of my play "THE FIXER-UPPER"
- Saturday, April 2nd - 8.00 pm: Wakefield (Quebec)

Now, here's where we've been recently (in case you think we've been slacking)




- Thursday, October 27th - SURREY
Surrey Arts Centre - Studio Theatre: 13750 -88 Avenue
For info: www.surrey.ca/theatre

- Tuesday, October 25th - KASLO
The Langham Theatre
For info: www.thelangham.ca

- Sunday, October 23rd - 7.30 pm in GRAND FORKS
GEM Theatre - 257 Market Street
For info: www.boundaryarts.org
- Saturday, October 22nd - OLIVER
Frank Venables Theatre - 61 Gala Street
For info: www.venablestheatre.ca

- Friday, October 21st - LAKE COUNTRY
Creekside Theatre - 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road - Lake Country - Tel: (250)766-5669
For info: www.okanaganway.ca/creekside-theatre/events-2

- Wednesday, October 19th - 7pm in WILLIAMS LAKE
Gibraltar Theatre in the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex - 525 Proctor St.
For info: www.williamslakecommunityartscouncil.com
- Friday, September 9th - Midland Cultural Centre in Midland (Ontario)
For info: www.midlandculturalcentre.com

Summer 2016 I had 2 theatre projects:
- The Charlottetown Festival in Prince Edward Island has granted me the opportunity to workshop a Musical based on the poetry and stories of ROBERT SERVICE.
The workshop took place at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in July and August.
My co-creator for this project is Island musician and writer Margie Carmichael.

- Saturday, April 9th - 8 pm: Bancroft (Ontario)
For info: bancroftvillageplayhouse.ca

- Saturday, March 19th - 7.30 pm: Calgary (Alberta)
CHINOOK MUSICAL SOCIETY - Braeside Community Centre
Check: Saturday Night Folk Club (403) 271-3719
For info: saturdaynightspecial.ca


- Friday, November 6th: Coquitlam - (British Columbia) - 8 pm
For Info: evergreenculturalcentre.ca

- Wednesday, November 4th: Masset - Haida Gwaii - 7.30 Pm
Howard Philip Hall, Masset

- Tuesday, November 3rd: Queen Charlotte City - Haida Gwaii - 7.30 pm
Queen Charlotte City Community Hall

- Monday, November 2nd: Sandspit - Haida Gwaii (British Columbia) - 7.30 pm
Sandspit Community Hall

- Sunday, November 1st: Nanaimo (British Columbia) -2.30 pm
For Info: porttheatre.com

- Thursday, October 29th: Cranbrook (British Columbia)- 7.30 pm
For Info: keycitytheatre.com

- Tuesday, October 27th: Medicine Hat (Alberta)
For Info: esplanade.ca
Tickets available at (403) 502-8777 or online tixx.ca

- Saturday, October 24th: Red Deer (Alberta)
WELIKOKLAD Entertainment Centre (Red Deer University)
Box Office: BLACK KNIGHT TICKET CENTRE (at the Black Knight Inn: 2929-50th Ave)
Charge by phone: (403) 755-6626 or 1-(800) 661-8793
Online at: bkticketcentre.ca

Production of my play "MOM RUNS AMOK".
A comedy about cabin fever and politics and how this dangerous mixture can allow things to get way out of hand.
Huntingdon (Quebec) - Grove Hall
Friday, October 16th - 8 pm
Saturday, October 17th - 2 pm & 8 pm
For info call: (514) 791-5100 or check grovehall.ca

Note: "MOM RUNS AMOK" won the 2015 Playwrights Guild of Canada Comedy Award.
For info check: playwrightsguild.ca/news/playwrights-guild-canada-announces-winners-2015-tom-hendry-awards

- Tuesday, September 15th to Thursday, September 17th: Barrie (Ontario)
Barrie Comedy Festival organized by TALK IS FREE THEATRE (705) 792-1949
- Friday, August 28th: Lindsay (Ontario)
Kawartha Laffs Festival
For info: kawarthalaffsfestival.com

- Sunday, July 26th: Chester (Nova Scotia)
Chester Playhouse
For Info: chesterplayhouse.ca

- Friday, July 17th: Georgetown (Prince Edward Island)
King's Playhouse
For info: kingsplayhouse.com

Production of my play: "HOW I BROKE INTO SHOWBIZ", a Comedy

Part of Festival in Hudson (Quebec) - staged at Hudson Village Theatre
Starring: Sarah Segal-Lazar
- Friday, June 5th - 2 pm
- Saturday, June 6th - 8 pm
- online: theatrepanache.ca/artsfestival
- at the theatre: prior to the show.
For info call: (450) 458-2480

- Friday, May 1st - 7.30 pm: Sussex - (New Brunswick)
All Seasons Inn - 1015 Main Street.
Tickets: Backstage Music (506) 433-2122
All Seasons Inn (506) 433-2220

- Saturday, May 2nd - 7.30 pm: Summerside - (PEI)
Harbourfront Theatre
Box Office info: harbourfronttheatre.com
Tel: (902) 888-2682

- Sunday, May 3rd - 7.30 pm: Wallace - (Nova Scotia)
St John's United Church
Tickets: Wallace Rite Stop & Ultramar (902)257-2022
Charman's Home Hardware (902) 257-2333
Mike Purdy (506) 536-7006

- Wednesday, May 6th - 7.30 pm: Truro - (Nova Scotia)
Marigold Theatre
Box Office info: marigoldcentre.ca

- Friday, May 8th - 7.30 pm: Wolfville - (Nova Scotia)
Acadia Cinema's Al Whittle Theatre, 450 Main Street.
Tickets: Box of Delights Book Store, 466 Main Street. (902) 542-9511 or
online at:boxofdelightsbooks.com

- Saturday, May 9th - 7.30 pm: Lunenburg - (Nova Scotia)
Pearl Theatre
Box Office info: folkharbour.com

- May 10th: Halifax - (nova Scotia)
Sir James Dunn Theatre - 6101 University Avenue - Halifax.
Box Office info: tickets by phone (902) 494-3820 . 1(800) 874-1669
tickets online at kil-dacweb-3.cohn.dal.ca/online

- Friday, April 10th - 7 pm: ImagiNation 2015: Quebec City Writers' Festival - Morrin Centre
Presentation, readings and discussion.
Info: morrin.org/imagination

- Saturday, March 28th - 8.00 pm: Huntingdon - (Quebec)
Grove Hall Arts Centre
Info: grovehall.ca
Box Office: (514) 791-5100

- January 17th: Wakefield - (Quebec)
Theatre Wakefield - Centre La Pêche.
Info: theatrewakefield.ca

- Saturday, February 28th, 7.30 pm: Hudson (Quebec)
Hudson Village Theatre
Rehearsed play-reading of my newest play "MOM RUNS AMOK", a Comedy
Box Office & Info:



Port Stanley (Ontario): The Port Stanley Theatre Festival 2014 will present my play "The Fixer-Upper", a comedy.
July 30th to August 16th.
For info & Box Office check: www.portstanleytheatre.ca

- October 30th: Rigaud (Quebec)
Bibliotheque de Rigaud - Rigaud Library: 7 pm
102 rue St Pierre - Rigaud - Tel: (450) 451-0869 #260
May 4th - 3 pm: Montreal (Quebec)
Montreal launch of "The Goat In The Tree", published by Guernica Editions at BLUE METROPOLIS
Montreal International Literary Festival
Hotel 10 - Jardin Room. 10 Sherbrooke St. West - Montreal
Info: bluemetropolis.org
- November 8th: Alliston (Ontario)
Gibson Arts & Culture Centre
Box Office info:gibsoncentre.com
Tel: (705) 435-2828

- November 6th: Peterborough - (Ontario)
Showplace Theatre
Box Office info:showplace.org
Tel: (705) 742-7469

- October 25th: Halton Hills - (Ontario)
John Elliott Theatre
Box Office info: haltonhills.ca
Tel: (905) 877-7915

- October 19th: Sherwood Park - (Alberta)
Festival Place Theatre
Box Office info: festivalplace.ab.ca
Tel: (780) 464-2852

May 2nd: Dartmouth (Nova Scotia)
Alderney Landing Theatre
Presented by Dartmouth Waterfront Heritage Museum
Tickets: 1.888.311.9090 - www.ticketpro.ca

April 26th: Harrison Hot Spring (British Columbia)
Harrison Memorial Hall
Box Office: www.harrisonfestival.com
Tel: (604) 796-3664

April 25th: Lake Country (British Columbia)
Creekside Theatre
Box Office: www.CreeksideTheatre.com
Tel: (250) 766-5669

April 23rd: Vernon (British Columbia)
College Campus Theatre
April 22nd: Armstrong (British Columbia)
Centennial Theatre
April 17th: Salmon Arm (British Columbia)
Salmar Theatre
April 13th: Kimberley (British Columbia)
Centre 64 Theatre
Box Office: www.kimberleyarts.com

April 15th: Invermere (British Columbia)
Invermere Christ Church
Info: www.columbiavalleyarts.com
April 15th: Invermere (British Columbia)
Invermere Christ Church
Info: www.columbiavalleyarts.com
April 12th: Fernie (British Columbia)
Arts Station Theatre
Box Office: www.theartsstation.com

April 10th: Rossland (British Columbia)
Miners Hall
For info on Rossland Arts Council: www.rosslandcac.com

April 8th: Kamloops (British Columbia)
Sagebrush Theatre
Tickets: Kamloops Live Box Office: (250) 374-LIVE

April 2nd: Salt Spring Island (British Columbia)
Artspring Theatre
Box Office: www.artspring.ca
Tel: (250) 537-2102

March 31st: Sidney (British Columbia)
Mary Winspear Centre
Box Office: www.marywinspear.ca

March 21st: Perth (Ontario)
Perth & District Collegiate Institute Auditorium
Box Office: www.ticketsplease.ca

Book launch of my new novel "The Goat In The Tree" published by Guernica Editions
Sunday, March 23rd at 4 pm - Toronto
The SuperMarket - 268 Augusta . Tel: (416) 840-0501

January 18th: Wakefield (Quebec)
Wakefield Community Centre
Box Office: www.theatrewakefield.ca

February 21st: Rouyn Noranda (Quebec)
Le Petit Theatre
Box Office call: Neighbours at (819) 762-0882
For info check: www.neighbours-rouyn-noranda.ca



Sunday, September 22nd
I'll be at the WORD ON THE STREET FESTIVAL in Halifax doing readings from "Beach Reading"


Tuesday, October 1st - 7.30 pm
I will do a reading from my novel "Beach Reading" as part of the Hudson writers festival, STORYFEST.
for info contact: Storyfest

Friday, October 11th & Saturday, October 12th - 8 pm
Salle Alec and Gerard Pelletier
Sutton (Quebec)
website: www.salleagpelletier.com

Saturday, November 16th - 8 pm
Théâtre Paul Hébert
Thetford Mines
For tickets contact: MCDC (18) 332-3851 or 1 877 332-3851 Website: www.mcdc.info


October 21st: North Battleford The DEKKER Centre - 8pm Box Office: (306) 445-7700 www.dekkercentre.com


Sunday, November 10th
I'll be participating in
the Canadian Folk Music Award Gala
at the University of Calgary Theatre.


Sunday, August 25th - 8 pm
Stokey Centre for the Performing Arts
Parry Sound (Ontario)
website: www.stockeycentre.com

Monday, August 26th - 8 pm
Lakeview Arts Barn
Bobcaygeon (Ontario)
website: www.lakeviewartsbarn.com


Box Office: (902) 892-2308
website:www.smallhalls.com for tickets and details.

Sunday, June 16th - 2 pm
St Peters Courthouse Theatre
St Peters

Tuesday, June 18th - 7.30 pm
North Rustico Lions Club
North Rustico

Wednesday, June 19th - 7.30 pm
Stanley Bridge Hall
Stanley Bridge

Friday, June 21st - 7.30 pm
Orwell Hall

CITY CINEMA concerts in July:
Box Office: (902) 368-3669
website: www.citycinema.net
64 King Street - Charlottetown
Monday, July 15th - 9 pm
Tuesday, July 16th - 9 pm
Monday, July 22nd - 9 pm
Tuesday, July 23rd - 9 pm


March 9th: Canmore
Canmore Miners Union Hall
Tickets at Second Story Bookstore
10 -713, 8th Street in Canmore
Tel: (403) 609-2368

March 12th: Brooks (Alberta)
Griffin Park Theatre

March 13th: Elnora (Alberta)
Performance time: 7.30 pm
Tickets $20.00
Tickets available from: - Gwen Renouf by e.mail: elwest@wispernet.ca
JEWELL's Grocery in Elnora.

March 14th: Camrose (Alberta)
Bailey Theatre
Box Office: (780) 672-5510

March 16th: Cold Lake (Alberta)
Lakeland Inn

March 20th: Grande Prairie (Alberta)
Second Street Theatre
Box Office: (780) 538-1616


March 22nd: Fort St John (B.C.)
North Peace Cultural Centre
Box Office: (250) 785-1992


March 30th - 8 pm: Huntingdon (Quebec)
Grove Hall - 165 rue Chateauguay


Saturday, February 16th 2013
Port Hope (Ontario)
Capitol Theatre - Box Office: (905) 885-1071 or Toll Free 1 (800) 434-5092
website: www.capitoltheatre.com

February 23rd: Deep River (Ontario)
CHILDS Auditorium – Mackenzie High School


October 12th: Merritt (BC)
Nicola Valley Arts Council
Merritt Civic Centre
Box Office: (250) 378-6515 or www.nvartscouncil.com

October 13th: Lake Country (BC)
Creekside Theatre
Box Office: (250) 766-9309 or www.CreeksideTheatre.com

October 14th: Summerland (BC)
Centre Stage Theatre
Tickets: Martin's Flowers (250) 494-5432

October 18th: Grand Forks (BC)
GFSS Auditorium
Box Office info call Erna Gobbett: (250) 442-8569
or www.boundary-arts.ca

October 20th: Creston (BC)
Prince Charles Theatre
Box Office: (250) 428-2711 or www.crestonconcertsociety.ca

October 21st: Procter (BC)
Community Hall
Box Office : c/o ODK Productions (250) 229-5370
Or e.mail: kootenannyman@gmail.com

October 25th: Armstrong (BC)
Centennial Theatre
Tickets: c/o The Brown Derby (250) 546-8221

October 26th: Salmon Arm (BC)
Salmar Theatre
Tickets: c/o Acorn Music (250) 832-8669

October 27th: Vernon (BC)
College Campus Theatre
Tickets: c/o The Book Nook (250) 558-0668

October 30th: Surrey (BC)
Studio Theatre
Box Office: (604) 501-5566 or www.surrey.ca

November 2nd: Quadra Island (BC)
Quadra Island Community Centre
Box office: (250) 285-3243 or www.quadrarec.bc.ca

November 3rd: Whaletown – Cortes island (BC)
Gorge Community Hall
Box Office:

November 5th: Sidney (BC)
Mary Winspear Centre – Charlie White Theatre
Box Office: (250) 656-0275 or www.marywinspear.ca

September 7th: North Hatley (Quebec)
The Piggery Theatre
Box Office: (819) 842-2431 or www.piggery.com

September 29th: Happy Valley Goose Bay (Labrador)
O'Brien Arts Centre
Box Office: (709) 896-4028 or www.obrienartscentre.ca

August 22nd: Charlottetown (PEI)
Fundraiser for the City Cinema
At The City Cinema, Tel: 368 3669
64 King Street
9.30 PM

August 25th: Wolfville (Nova Scotia)
Fundraiser for Wolfville Historical Society
Al Whittle Theatre – Acadia Theatre Co-op
Box Office: (902) 542-3344 (Theatre) or (902) 542-9775

April 11th: Atikokan (Ontario)
Performing Arts Concert Series, St Patrick School Auditorium
Box Office: www.atikokaninfo.com

April 13th: Geraldton (Ontario)
Kinsmen Concert Series , Geraldton High School Auditorium
Box Office: c/o Frank Dzijacky (807) 854-1657

April 14th: Manitouwadge (Ontario)
Nite On the Town Entertainment Series Of The Arts, H. S. Auditorium
Info: www.karinahunter.com

May 2nd: Florenceville-Bristol (New Brunswick)
Carleton North High School Theatre
Box Office: www.cvarts.ca

May 3rd: Saint John (New Brunswick)
Imperial Theatre
Box Office: (506) 674-4100 / 1-800 323-7469

May 5th: Windsor (Nova Scotia)
Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre
Box Office: (902) 798-5565

May 6th: Annapolis Royal (Nova Scotia)
King's Theatre
Box Office: (902) 532-7704

May 9th: Mabou (Nova Scotia)
Strathspey Place
Box Office: (902) 945-5300

May 12th: Chester (Nova Scotia)
Chester Playhouse
Box Office: (902) 275-3933

May 13th: Shelburne (Nova Scotia)
Osprey Arts Centre
Box Office: (902) 875-1117

Feb. 24th & 25th: Hudson (Quebec)
Hudson Village Theatre
Box Office: (450) 458-5361

March 9th: Edmonton (Alberta)
Full Moon Folk Club
Box Office:www.fmfc.org

March 10th: Calgary (Alberta)
Nickelodeon Music Club
Box Office: www.thenick.ca

March 12th: McBride (BC)
McBride Roundhouse Theatre Society
Box Office: www.mcbrideroundhouse.com

March 15th: Kamloops (BC)
Thompson Rivers University
Box Office info: (250) 828-5000

March 17th: Nakusp (BC)
Arrow Lake Concert Series
Box Office: www.arrowlakesartscouncil.webs.com

March 21st: Lillooet (BC)
Lillooet Music Society Masonic Hall
Box Office: www.lillooetmusic.com

March 23rd: North Vancouver (BC)
Centennial Theatre
Box Office: (604) 984-4484

March 26th: Sechelt (BC)
Raven's Cry Theatre
Box Office: (604) 885-4597

March 27th: Powell River (BC)
Max Cameron Theatre
Box Office: (604) 483-3900

March 29th: Whistler (BC)
Millennium Place
Box Office: www.artswhistler.com

March 31st: Maple Ridge (BC)
Maple Ridge Arts Centre
Box Office: (604) 476-2787

February 10th: Morinville (Alberta)
Community Cultural Centre
Box Office: (780) 939-7888

February 11th: Spruce Grove (Alberta)
Horizon Stage
Box Office: (780) 962-8995


October 1st: Cobalt (Ontario)
Classic Theatre
Box Office: (705) 679-8080

October 6th: Burlington (Ontario)
The Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Info: (905) 681-6000

October 16th: Sherwood Park (Alberta)
Festival Place
Box Office: (780) 449-3378

October 20th: Drayton Valley (Alberta)
Eleanor Pickup Arts Centre
Box Office: (780) 898-7933

October 21st 2011: Boyle
Ellscott Community Hall
(780) 689-3910

October 23rd: Fort McMurray (Alberta)
Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre
Box Office: (780) 791-4990

October 27th: Consort (Alberta)
Consort School of Fine Arts Theatre
Box Office: (403) 577-3818

October 28th Carstairs
Community Hall
(403) 337-3341
www.Carstairs Community Hall

October 29th: Okotoks (Alberta)
Rotary Performing Arts Centre
Box Office: (403) 938-3204

September 17: Picton (Ontario)
Regent Theatre
Box Office: (613) 476-8416 - (877) 411-4761

August 19, 20 & 21: Owen Sound (Ontario)
Summer Folk Festival

August 23: Gravenhurst (Ontario)
Gravenhurst Opera House
Box Office: (705) 687-5550

July 23rd: Hunter River (PEI)
Harmony House Theatre
Box Office: (902) 964-2255

(Special Event! Each night will be an entirely different show!)
July 27, 28 & 29th : Parrsboro (Nova Scotia)
Ship's Company Theatre
Box Office: 1- 800 565-7469

July 31st: St Andrew's-By-The-Sea
St Andrew's Arena Complex Theatre
Box Office: Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre: (506) 529-3386

Thursday, April 28th 2011 - 8 pm
Chatham (Ontario) - Capitol Theatre
Box Office: www.chathamcapitoltheatre.com

Friday, April 29th 2011 - 8 pm
St Thomas (Ontario) - Central United Church
Box Office: " www.stthomasperformingarts.com

Saturday, April 30th 2011 - 8 pm
Hillsburg (Ontario) - Century Church Theatre
Box Office: www.centurychurchtheatre.com
Tel: (519) 855-4586

- Saturday, April 9th 2011 - 8 pm
Huntsville (Ontario) - Algonquin Theatre
Box Office: www.huntsvillefestival.on.ca

- Saturday, February 26th 2011 - 7.30 pm
Charlottetown (PEI) - Confederation Centre for the Arts
Box Office: "www,confederationcentre.com"

October 1st: Coquitlam (BC) - Evergreen Cultural Centre
Box Office: (604) 927-6555

October 2nd: Squamish (BC) - Howe Sound Arts Centre
Box Office info: c/o Squamish Adventure Centre (604) 815-5084

October 6th: Invermere (BC) Arts Centre
Box Office info: Columbia Valley Arts Council (250) 342-4423

October 7th: Fernie (BC) - Arts Station Theatre
Box Office info: (250) 423-4842

October 9th: Procter (BC) - Community Hall Tickets info at ODK Productions (250) 229-5370 or
e.mail: "kootenannyman@gmail.com"

October 12th: Osoyoos (BC) - Mini Theatre
For Tickets: Imperial Office Pro (Osoyoos)
Sundance Video (oliver)

October 15th: Kitimat (BC) - c/0 Kitimat Concert Association
Mount Elizabeth Theatre

October 16th: Prince Rupert - LESTER centre for the Arts
Box Office: (250) 627-8888
Tickets also on sale at COOK's Jewellers Downtown

October 17th: Terrace - REM Lee Theatre
Info: www.remlee.net

October 20th: Salt Spring Island - Artspring
Box Office: (250) 537-2102 / toll free: 1. 866-537-2102

October 22nd: Harrison Hot Springs - Harrison Festival venue
Box Office: (604) 796-3664

October 23rd: Lake Country - Creekside Theatre
Box Office info: (250) 766-5669 tickets: (250) 766-9309

The rest of the Okanagan tour will be presented by Ken Smedley & The George Ryga Centre. Ken sent along a note to say it will be "the Best Comedy Ticket Price in Town! Tickets available Immediately! and here's where..........

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 8 p.m. at The Charles Bloom Theatre, Lumby
Tickets at: The Snac Shac ph. 250-547-6169 & Monashee U-Brew ph.250-547-2504
Sponsored by the Monashee Arts Council

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 8 p.m. at The Centennial Theatre, Armstrong
Tickets at The Brown Derby Restaurant, Armstrong ph. 250-546-8221

Thursday, Oct. 28, 8 p.m. Vernon Performing Arts Centre
Tickets at The Ticketseller ph. 250-549-SHOW(7469)

September 25: Peterborough (Ontario) - Showplace Performance Centre
Box Office: (705) 742-7469

"The Fixer Upper" At THE GUILD in Charlottetown, PEI
10 performances on Saturdays and Sundays over the course of 5 week-ends:
July 17 & 18, July 24 & 25, July 31 & August 1, August 7 & 8, August 14 & 15.
Box Office: (902) 620-3333 - or online www.theguildpei.com

July 3rd:(Saturday) CHESTER PLAYHOUSE in Chester(Nova Scotia)
Box Office: (902) 275-3933 or www.chesterplayhouse.ca

July 10th:(Saturday) KINGS PLAYHOUSE in Georgetown (Prince Edward Island)
Box Office: (902) 652-2374 or www.kingsplayhouse.com

July 21st: Alberton (PEI): - Heritage & Cultural Centre
Box Office: (902) 856-2120
Info at e.mail: albertonheritagecentre.kelly@gmail.com
Tickets available at: Pat?s Retail and at: Bonnie's Boutique

August 5th:(Thursday) HARMONY HOUSE THEATRE in Hunter River
Box Office: (02) 964-2255 or www.harmonyhousetheatre.com

Thursday, August 19th: KINGS PLAYHOUSE in Georgetown
Box Office: (902) 652-2374 or www.kingsplayhouse.com

Newfoundland Screech Comedy Festival
Friday,June 11th, at the Bella Vista, 8 pm, Saturday, June 12th
Sheraton,8 pm, and Sunday, June 13th for the CBC Gala at the Mile One Centre, 8 PM.

April 7th: Fort Saskatchewan (Alberta) – Dow Centennial Centre – SHELL Theatre
Box Office: Theatre (780) 992-6400 www.fortsask.ca
Or Ticket Master (780) 451-8000 – www.ticketmaster.ca

April 10th: Leduc (Alberta) – MacLab Centre for the Performing Arts
Box Office: Tix on the Square: 1- 877.888-1757 or (780) 420 1757
Leduc Recreation Centre: (780) 980-7120

April 12th: Lethbridge (Alberta) – Lethbridge University Theatre
Box Office: (403) 329-2616

April 13th: Medicine Hat (Alberta) – Monarch Theatre.

April 15th: Red Deer (Alberta) – The Elks Lodge
1. Box Office: Black Knight Ticket Centre: 2929 – 50th Ave
Charge by phone: (403) 755-6626 or 1 800-6618793
2. Valhalla Pure Outfitters: (403) 343-3658

April 16th: Airdrie (Alberta) – The Bert Church Live Theatre
Box Office: (403) 948-8824

April 17th: Bragg Creek (Alberta) - The Bragg Creek Performing Arts Centre
Box Office: (403) 949-4114

April 18th: Golden (B.C.): - The Golden Civic Centre
Box Office: (250) 344-6186

April 20th: Canmore (Alberta) – Canmore Miners Union Hall
Box Office: (403) 609-2968

April 23rd: Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) - Broadway Theatre
Box Office: (306) 652-6556

April 24th: Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan) - Mae Wilson Theatre
Box Office: (306) 693-4700

April 26th: Tisdale (Saskatchewan) - Tisdale RECplex
Box Office: Tisdale Arts Council

May 7th: Kingston (Ontario) – Grand Theatre
Box Office: (613) 530-2050

May 15th: Ottawa (Ontario) – Centrepointe Theatre
Box Office: (613) 580-2700 or 1. (866) 752-5231

February 13th: Bancroft (Ontario) – Village Playhouse
Box Office: (613) 474-1787
Online info: www.BancroftDistrict.com
Tickets available in Bancroft at POSIES, HARVEST MOON & GUITAR NUTS

February 19 & 20: Hudson Village Theatre
Box Office: (450) 458-5361


May 30th: Almonte, Fundraising Event
Almonte Old Town Hall Theatre
Tickets available from:
- The Miller's Tale Book Shop, 52 Mill Street, Almonte ? Tel: (613) 256-9090
- The Mills Community Support Corporation, 67 Industrial Drive, Almonte Tel: (613) 256-1031.

SPRING 2009:


April 29th: St Andrews
Box Office: c/o Jamie Steele (506) 529-4585
Or e.mail: steeljm@nbnet.nb.ca TBA


May 1st: Annapolis Royal, KING'S THEATRE
Box Office: (902) 532-7704

May 2nd: Shelburne, OSPREY ARTS CENTRE
Box Office: (902) 875-2359 or online www.ospreyartscentre.com

May 3rd: Yarmouth, The YARC
Box Office: (902) 742-8150 or online www.yarcplayhouse.com

May 5th: Liverpool - ASTOR THEATRE
Box Office: (902) 354-5250 or online www.astortheatre.ns.ca

Box Office: (902) 485-8848 or online www.decostecentre.ca

May 9th: Glace Bay, SAVOY THEATRE
Box Office: (902) 842-1577 or online www.savoytheatre.com


Box Office: Live Bait Theatre
87 Main St. Sackville
-Tel: (506) 536-2248 or www.info@livebaittheatre.com
Or at Ticket Pro online Ticketpro
Tickets also available at Tidewater Books in Sackville


May 21st: Montreal, Fundraising event
Royal West Academy Auditorium, Montreal West.
Tickets available at Royal West Academy,
189 Easton, Montreal West.


October 15: Lloydminster; Vic Juba Theatre
Box Office: (780) 872-7400
Info: Vic Juba Theatre

October 18: Red Deer; Memorial Centre Theatre
Box Office: Black Knight Ticket Centre
Charge by phone: (403) 755-6626 or 1-800-661-8793
Online: Black Knight Ticket Centre

October 19: Calgary; Triwood Community Centre
Box Office: (403) 282-2677 (open Mon-Fri: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm)


October 21: Invermere; Christ Church Trinity
Box Office/ info: www.columbiavalleyarts.com/calendar
Our ticket venues are:
Dave's Book Bar, Essentials, and Pynelogs in Invermere
N'Deco in Radium Hot Springs
Trims & Treasures in Fairmont Hot Springs.


October 24: Banff ; Arts Centre: Margaret Greenham Theatre
Box Office: (403) 762-6301 or 1-800-413-8368
Info: www.banffcentre.ca

October 25: Bearberry; Bearberry Community Hall
Tickets: c/o B. Bell (403) 638-2704
Info: www.bearberrycommunity.com/events

October 26: Daysland; Community Hall
Tickets: c/o S Eshpeter: (780) 374-2403

October 28: Barrhead; Comp High School; Drama Theatre
Tickets: The Comfort Corner (Highway 33)
Computer Outlook; downtown Barrhead
At the theatre prior to the performance.

October 30: Fort McMurray;Keyano Theatre
Box Office: (780) 791-4990
Info: www.keyano.ca/Theatre/ Series

November 1: Spruce Grove; Horizon Stage
Box Office: (780) 962-8995
or Ticketmaster charge-by-phone (780) 451-8000
or online www.ticketmaster.ca


November 8: Picton; Regent Theatre
Box Office: (613) 476-8416 #28
Info: www.theregenttheatre.org


April 2 & 3: West Vancouver – Kay Meek Centre
Box Office: (604) 913-3634


April 6: Ponoka – Performing Arts Society
Box Office: c/o Karen Duke, email: gduke@telus.net

April 8 & 9: Fort MacLeod – Empress Theatre
Box Office: (403) 553-4404


April 10: Fernie – Arts Station Theatre
Box Office: (250) 423-4842

April 12: Nelson – Capitol Theatre
Box Office: (250) 352-6363

April 14: Kaslo – Kaslo High School Auditorium
Ticket info: (250) 353-2661 or www.thelangham.ca

April 15: Nakusp – Bonnington Arts Centre
Ticket info: website Bonnington Arts Centre Schedule
April 18th: Penticton - Cleland Theatre
- Box Office: c/o Dragon's Den: (250) 492-3011

April 19: Vernon - Performing Arts Centre
- Box Office: (250) 549-7469 or Toll Free: -866-311-1011

April 20: Kamloops – Sagebrush Theatre
- Box Office: (250) 374-5483 or Toll Free: 1-866-374-5483

April 22: Armstrong - Centennial Theatre
- Box Office: c/o The Brown Derby (250) 546-8221

April 23: Summerland - Centre Stage
- Box Office: c/o Summerland Bookstore: (250) 494-9110
c/o First try Books in Kelowna: (250) 763-5364

April 24: Oliver - Frank Venables Theatre
- Box Office: . in Oliver c/o Periwinkels: (250) 498-3434
. in Osoyoos c/o Imperial Books: (250) 495-2510

April 26: Harrison Hot Springs – Harrison Memorial Hall
Harrison Festival
- Box Office: (604) 796-3664


February 6: Orillia - Orillia Opera House
- Box Office: (705) 326-8011
www.operahouse.orillia.on.ca www.operahouse.orillia.on.ca

February 7: North Bay - Capitol Theatre
- Box Office (705) 474-4747 / 1 (888) 834-4747
www.capitolcentre.ca www.capitolcentre.ca

February 8: Sudbury -Fraser Auditorium
Laurentian University
Tickets; Sudbury Theatre Centre
- Box Office: (705) 674-8381

February 9: Ottawa - Centrepointe Theatre
- Box Office (613) 580-2700 / 1-866-752-5231
www.centrepointetheatre.ca www.centrepointetheatre.ca

February 10: Brockville - Brockville Arts Centre
- Box Office: (613) 342-7122

February 13: Lindsay - Academy Theatre
- Box Office: (705) 324-9111 - 1 (877) 888-0038

February 14: Peterborough - Showplace Performance Centre
- Box Office: (705) 742- 7469

February 15: Port Hope - Capitol Theatre
- Box Office: (905) 885-1071 or 1-800-434-5092

February 16: Kingston -
Duncan Mac Arthur Hall (West Campus Queen's University)
- Box Office: (613) 530-2050

February 17: Belleville - Empire Theatre
- Box Office: (613) 969-0099

February 21: Sarnia - Imperial Oil Centre for the Performing Arts
- Box Office: (519) 344-7469 or 1-877-344-7469

February 22: Guelph - River Run Centre
- Box Office: (519) 763-3000 - or 1-877-520-2408

February 23: Owen Sound - Roxy Playhouse
- Box Office: (519) 371-2833 / 1 (888) 446-7699

February 24: London - Grand Theatre
- Box Office: (519) 672-8800 or 1-800-265-1593


February 14th: Ottawa Fundraising Event
For info call: (613) 838-5744


March 6th and 7th: Hudson- Village Theatre
Box Office: (450) 458 5361 or online
Village Theatre


March 12th : Brampton, ROSE THEATRE
Box Office: (905) 793-4600
Info: www.rosetheatre.ca

March 13th : Hamilton, Fundraising Event
For info call: (905) 527-3505

October 2: Surrey - Surrey Arts Centre

October 3: Whistler - Maurice Young Millennium Place

October 7: Quesnel . Correlieu High School

October 9: Vanderhoof. Nechako Valley Senior Secondary

October 10: Prince George. The Prince George Playhouse
Tickets $20.00 plus $1.00 service charge will be on sale at:
- Books and Company: (250) 563-6637
- Studio 2880: (250) 563-2880
- Meow Records: (250) 564-6369

October 13: Dawson Creek. Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre

October 14: Fort St John. North Peace Cultural Centre

October 16: Williams Lake. Gibraltar Theatre Centre
Tickets available in September at CARIBOO MEMORIAL COMPLEX

October 17: 100 Mile House. Martin Exeter Hall

October 21: Lake Country. Creekside Theatre

October 23: Merritt. Arts Council

October 25: Vancouver. Vancouver East Cultural Centre

October 28: Denman Island. Denman Island Community Hall

October 29: Powell River. Evergreen Theatre
Box Office: (604) 485-2891

October 30: Courtenay. Sid Williams Theatre


November 10: Keswick. Stephen Leacock Theatre

November 12: Gravenhurst. Opera House

November 13: Barrie. Gryphon Theatre

March 13th: Port Hope (Ontario) – Capitol Theatre
Online: www.capitoltheatre.com

March 14th: Belleville (Ontario) – Empire Theatre
Stay tuned!